Bitcoin China FUD

Just when I thought we were out...

They pull us back in!

So, China…first they re-iterated previously known restrictions.

Bitcoin falls further as China cracks down on crypto-currencies - BBC

China banned banks and payment firms from providing services related to crypto-currency transactions. It also warned investors against speculative crypto trading on Tuesday…more

Nothing new there. But then we got another announcement.

The Chinese Government seems particularly concerned about how Bitcoin could affect the overall stability of their financial system. So for now, it doesn’t look like anything has really changed, but it could.

Bitcoin Mining could become an area of focus though:

China potentially banning Bitcoin is not necessarily a bad thing. Read this thread by @Nic_Carter , who suggests bigger margins for non-China based miners as a result, who tend to have a “cleaner” energy mix, thus incentivising more mining using renewable energy. This would remove ESG concerns for institutional investors.

China has made similarly forecful pronouncements in every single bull market. They are forever saying it is, or will be, banned in one form or another. So far it hasn’t really mattered and it hasn’t ever stopped a bull market.

There are many dimensions to this game though. If China effectively banned Bitcoin, that might incentivise the U.S.A. to become pro-Bitcoin. Not certain, but maybe…

MicroStrategy CEO on his outlook on crypto, Elon Musk's role in bitcoin's volatility - YouTube

Here’s a quote from Michael Savage Saylor on CNBC to cheer you up :)
“Volatility is the price you pay for #Bitcoin to be 10x outperforming the S&P index over a decade.”

BTW - he just passed 1m followers.
Probably @APompliano and @Woonomic are next to pass this mark.

Ross Stevens, Executive Chair of NYDIG - The Beauty of Bitcoin
- YouTube

NYDIG is one of the major companies bringing Bitcoin to big-money right across the spectrum. If you want to get an understanding of what’s to come in the next 6-12 months, Ross gives some great insights. IT IS HUGE!

Speaking of Willy Woo, this chart from him shows that Bitcoin is significantly undervalued right now. You don’t get many chances like this in a cycle.

Willy also appears of @PeterMcCormack ‘s podcast this week - be sure to check that out.

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